String Band


Our mission is to supply string band music both for our pleasure and that of the listeners. Presently we are ten members strong and enjoy our challenges. We are looking for individuals who can play reed, string or percussion instruments. 
This is the oldest Shrine String Band. We play all kinds of music except classical. The music is not difficult and some of our musicians play by ear. We play for private parties as well as for many Temple functions including riding on floats in all the parades in which the Temple participates. We play for Temple bingo on the third and fourth Tuesdays of the month and immediately thereafter, 6:30pm we have our business meeting and rehersals. We are always looking for new members to enhance our band with volume and harmony.

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Interested in Becoming a Shriner?


In 2020, LuLu will be hosting 2 Ceremonials on Saturdays,

June 20th and October 10th.



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