LuLu Shriners Past Masters


In June of 1976 the Past Masters club (formerly know as Knights of Mecca) was established.  By-Laws were developed and approved by then Illustrious Potentate John Dean. 


The purpose and objectives of the club were to:

a. Establish a link with Blue Lodges and the Shrine for the furthering of Masonic education.
b. Establish a well-trained Degree Team for conferring the three symbolic Degrees.
c. Promote Masonic interest in general, and to truly depict the serious, solemn, sober thinking, working side of Shiners in particular.
d. Emphasize that an intimate connection between Shrinedom and Masonry is existent.
e. Render at all times, aid and assistance to the Illustrious Potentate of Lulu Temple for the general welfare, cooperation, harmony, and development of the Temple.
f. Participate in Shrine parades.
g. Further develop activities appropriate to the club.
The Past Masters Club is a proud club of the LuLu Shrine. We support various Shrine activities including the Masonic Breakfast and  entertainment functions at the LuLu Shrine Center.  

We are unique in many ways: 

* We have the honor of receiving the LuLu Shrine Illustrious Potentate and the Right Worshipful Grand Master at the annual Masonic breakfast.  
* We have the current Illustrious Potentate and several Past Potentates as members.
* We also have a Past Right Worshipful Grand Master and a Past District Deputy Grand Master as members.
* One of our members is the LuLu Shrine's Historian.
* The Past Master’s Club performs Degree work at Blue Lodges upon request. 
* We abide by the purpose and objectives established during our original formation in 1976.

We are proud to be...

* LuLu Shriners
* Past Masters of Blue Lodges.
* Supporters of all Masonic organizations and Freemasonry in general. 
* Membership recruiters for the LuLu Shrine.
* Supporters of other LuLu Shrine club dinner meetings.
Our club does not have regular monthly meetings or annual dues.  If you are a Past Master of a Blue Lodge and would like to contribute your time and effort to make our club and the LuLu Shrine shine a little brighter; come out and join us at our next meeting.

We meet quarterly (Jan., Apr. & Oct.), the last Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Lulu Shrine Ctr., Merrimack Room.


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